How to block ads even when website tells you to disable Adblocker

There are so many websites who wants to white list you their website from ad-blocker. This is a very bad way to interact with the audience. Advertisement is a bad way to earn money from blog when you are a very big website. This trend is always seen in popular new website.

These website place more than 20 ads on single page.
I personally whitelist websites that I visit frequently. Especially for a small blog or medium sized website, so that they can earn through ads.

How to block ads even when website tells you to disable Adblocker.

If you use adblocker there’s a chance you come across sites that do this:

Disable adblocker

Now you’re expected to turn off your adblocker and then refresh the site. But there’s a way to get in without turning off your adblocker!

First, press f12, it opens up a console:

adblock console

Click the icon that I’ve circled in red. Then click on the message that tells you to turn adblock off. Press backspace and poof you’re in. If there’s another layer then do this again but then the whole screen. Should remove the layer that makes text unreadable ;)
You can use this for other things as well, like removing annoying pictures or texts or sometimes even for surveys. If you refresh everything will be back to normal, as it’s only on your current screen that it’s changed.
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