Nerd Engage : Looking back at 2017 and future for this Blog

Nerd Engage : Looking back at 2017 and future for this Blog

This is one of the first time I am writing personal post about this blog. I am not a big fan of this but as 2017 is ending today I was compelled to write this.

I designed this blog back in September so that I can catch up with the things that I am interested. This was the thing I wanted to do in my leisure time. I was always interested in Nerd Culture – Technology, Movies, TV shows, Anime and small self-improvement hacks. I chose this niche because I could write things more flexibly with wide range of topics, I always hated writing only about single topic. I would loose interest easily when I focus on one single topic.

I have posted 43 articles since September 15th and to my surprise been consistent with writing content to this website.

Well, I had started some blogs and before but never was consistent or I was all over the place. This blog has been my most consistent blog out of them all.

I wrote more than I thought I could write, other than this blog I have written fiction in Wattpad and some personal stories on Medium and Quora.

After starting this blog I am more well informed about the things that's happening around me.

I also learnt that blogging is not about writing content but also promoting it and engaging with the audience. Its been great till now. I have been able to get 1000 followers on twitter and 3000+ unique visitors to my blog till date.

Most viewed blog posts of 2017

I am really excited for 2018, I hope it will great year for my blog and I want to be very consistent.

The biggest change that i want make to this blog is to make my blog posts little bit more personal with more personal commentary and views about different topics I covering this blog like Tech, Anime, Movie, Tv shows or any improvement articles.

Writing articles like anime,movie,series review would be interesting. But I dont want this blog to turn this blog into review blog but I want to write few articles like this.

The blog has been growing all these months and hope to cross 5000 unique visitors per month in 6 months and 10000 unique visitors by the end of 2018. That would be great thing to happen but I dont want to get burnt out and abandon this blog so I am not pressuring myself.

I would like to make this blog profitable by end of this year so that I could save some money and spend some of it to renew domain name and some stuff would go for promotion of some posts.

All in all this years was great just because I started this blog and I am happy that I was consistent with it. I am looking forward to what future holds for this blog. Fingers crossed.

Happy New Year folks.

happy new  year

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