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Nerd Engage is a blog about Nerd Culture and focuses on the fact how Technology has become a major part of our life .

We publish articles about Technology, Internet Culture, Innovation, Anime, Movies and TV series and Self-Motivation.

Blog is mainly focused on learning new things and finding motivation to create stuffs on your own.

The blog is broadly divided into Four parts:

Discover : In this section of the blog we try to discover hidden gems of the internet, we write articles that are collections of resources that will help you to grow and learn amazing things with it. Most the articles here are listicles.

Tech : Page dedicated for Technology geeks. Find latest news and trends in technology.

Watch : This section is for those who love watching Movies, TV shows, YouTube and Anime. We bring the best resource and articles related to things you need to watch now.

Improve : Mainly focused on Self-motivation and Improvement. Everyone needs some dose of inspiration and motivation to grow themselves. We uncover various methods to grow yourself and develop important life skills that will help you to be a better person. We publish hacks and How-to's to improve your daily life with internet or technology.

You can find all the articles in the Archive.

This blog is dedicated to all the introverts who like to spend time on the internet and create awesome stuff. This is the age where nerds rule the world through innovation and creativity.

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